GET IT Skills & Mindsets

Get It: Skills and Mindsets

The world of work is changing. People are increasingly moving between jobs and careers and it is now expected that you’ll have 17 different jobs in your lifetime, across 5 different careers. This might sound overwhelming.

The good news is, you can develop the sorts of skills and personal attributes employers are looking for through various ways. Your experiences studying, or training and working can be these opportunities to develop skills known as enterprise or transferable skills. The kinds of skills you take with you to any job, like communication, problem solving and taking initiative.

Get It was co-designed with students from Cheltenham Secondary College, to show young people how personal attributes and enterprise skills are used in everyday life. Get It follows the stories of 6 people who transitioned from school to work in diverse industries and explores how these skills have helped them get to where they are today.

Get It Lesson plans

The Get It mini lesson series that draws on the experiences of six women to support student’s personal growth and help develop enterprise skills. The lessons are mapped to VCAL Personal Development Skills and incorporates class discussions, group activities and individual tasks.

Get It lessons can be used as an extension of the NWO VCAL Teacher Toolkit. The personal skills and enterprise skills explored in the case studies build on the classroom learning within the modules and demonstrate how the skills can developed in real life. You can download the FREE toolkit here

Evaluation: Please share the following survey link with your students on completing the lessons 

Lesson Plan

Lesson Overviews

Determination and adaptability = Growth

Ally’s story explored how working with technology isn’t just about coding. She’s on a mission to change the industry.

Interpersonal skills and leadership

Celeste’s passion for people and community grew with her communication and leadership skills.

Breaking stereotypes and learning from discomfort

Simone thought she would be a pharmacist, now she’s running the show onsite.

Problem solving and creativity

Lorraine talks about how she turned an unfortunate situation into a passion project and what is now, her business Useful Link.

Transferable skills and enthusiasm for ongoing learning

Daina shows us how a non-linear career looks like and what mindset and skills have helped her along the way.

Motivation and Initiative

Rhianna’s self-starter attitude has enabled her to start her sustainable clothing line made from recycled plastic.