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Preview our career workshops in the video below. Students are guided through the by the BGKLLEN team and have plenty of opportunities to practice the skills being taught. The workshops and are appropriate for years 10- 11 in both VCE and VCAL. 

Industry Exploration – Engineering workshop consists of the exploration of the roles that are a part of the engineering industry and the different pathways to enter the industry. Students gain insight from real employees from a successful local Electrical Engineering business, M.Brodribb located in Glen Iris.  Students are able to see and explore the business from the perspective of employees, business owner, as well as, through a virtual tour of the business.

How to Start a Business – “Off the Ground Get Down to Business” workshop consists of the exploration of the steps involved in starting a business and developing the range of skills to increase business success. Students gain insight from real local business owners on how they developed their business from nothing to successful operating businesses.

Employer Expectation Workshop encompasses students exploring what employers really want from future staff and linking this to the skills they have now. Students practice expressing the skills and qualities they have in preparation of seeking employment.

Setting Yourself Apart Workshop explores the job application process through the exploration of job advertisements, cover letters and resumes that presents the skills, experience and personality that will in turn, contribute value to the company being applied for.

The Stay Safe OH&S Workshops explore the elements that make up ensuring a workplace is safe. Alongside these workshops BGKLLEN have developed videos, activities and a OH&S Booklet for students to gain further insight into the processes involved in OH&S, as well as, apply their understanding of OH&S to real work environments.

Understanding Stress and Anxiety

The Managing Stress and Anxiety Workshops are based on the Managing Stress and Anxiety Teacher Resource Kit developed with the Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria. These workshops build self awareness around personal stress and responses to stress in order to build a toolkit of a range of strategies to manage stress in everyday life. The workshops are aligned with a resource pack for further support to manage stress.

The Career Journey Mini Video series provides students with three different career journeys by three very different professionals. A range of questions are explored and students are able to compare, discuss and identify some key messages they can apply to their own career journeys.

The future world of work will demand STEM skills, but what do STEM skills really look like? The STEM Conference explores how these skills are being used in a range of industries and careers and inspires students with stories, presentations, and demonstrations by industry leaders to consider a career in STEM.

Interview Like a Pro Workshop includes a video of current professionals sharing their tips on how to be successful in an interview. The workshop explores how to prepare for an interview, what employers are wanting to see from interviewees and how to present and express yourself to have the best possibility of success in an interview.

GET IT follows the stories of six people who transitioned from school to work in diverse industries. These stories explore how personal skills and enterprise skills have contributed to success in the workplace. These videos are accompanied by lesson plans which are mapped to VCAL Work Related Skills and Personal Development Skills.

The Life Skills for Young People Workshop explores vital elements to help young people navigate life and transition into adulthood. The workshop covers different types of work and work conditions, medicare, budgeting and finance options, mobile phone plans , what’s required to move out of home and support services that can help with money problems and managing fines.


Our super popular Anti-Anxiety Cards were developed in 2018 in conjunction with Headspace Elsternwick and young people. The cards are designed to be a tangible element that explores strategies to manage stress and anxiety. The set of 6 retails for $5.00 which includes postage anywhere in Australia. Take it from us – these cards do work! Securely PAY WITH CREDIT CARD or email us for direct debit details and get yours today

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