Our Team

BGKLLEN (or Bayside Glen Eira Kingston Local Learning & Employment Network) is helping young people stay engaged or reengage with schooling.

We do this by facilitating partnerships that help build the capacity of young people to attend education, build positive relationships with educators and develop the skills they will require to move on successfully to the next stage of their life. We are currently focusing on engagement in learning and school retention as well as professional development for staff and educators working with young people.

At BGKLLEN we are receptive and ready to listen and act. We are passionate, tenacious and care deeply about young people. We are fun to be around as we love what we do!

We are also very committed to Child Safety. To read our Statement of Commitment to Child Safety, click here.

Jayne Valle – Chief Executive Officer

Jayne has enjoyed working alongside Victorian schools and community services for over 25 years. Her practice focusses on advantage thinking, systems theory and applying evidence based work to achieve sustainable outcomes to ensure disadvantaged young people have equal access to opportunities to  thrive in school, work and life.  Jayne’s has worked in Disability Recruitment at a State level, has built the capacity of over 2000 teachers to apply Trauma Informed Practices to their work and worked in some of the most disadvantaged regions across Victoria.

Jayne bring with her extensive experience gained in management roles across Victoria and she loves leading the team at BGKLLEN.

Carolyn Langdon

Carolyn is the Partnerships and Pathways Manager at BGKLLEN and has been at the LLEN since 2019. With her passion to support young people, Carolyn trained as a primary teacher, achieving a Double Degree; Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Teaching. During her time teaching, Carolyn furthered her dedication to working with young people and completed her Masters in Student Wellbeing.

Using her educational background, passion and drive to help students, Carolyn is developing a range of partnerships with local stakeholders, offering schools first hand career experiences and programs aligned to the curriculum, to help secondary school students become more aware of the career possibilities and pathways available to them.

Jo Langhorne

Jo is BGKLLEN’s School Industry Pathways Officer.  With experience in both educational settings and private enterprise, Jo has qualifications in Careers Education, Secondary Education and Coaching. Her industry experience covers travel & tourism, retail, learning and development, sales, and small business, which brings understanding of both employer and employee perspectives.

As a lifelong learner, Jo is passionate about connecting young people to employers and future pathways, and the impact these connections have for a young person’s self-esteem, experience, and confidence as they begin their career journey.

Jo’s love of people and their stories, building relationships and discovering new experiences are what make her an avid traveller and have seen her travel to over 50 countries.  Living a full life and making the most of opportunities is where she finds inspiration.

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Rachelle Postregna

Rachelle is BGKLLENs Communications & Admin Officer. An avid lover of the arts, she has qualifications in Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design and in Writing & Editing. Drawing upon her passion for photography, the moving image, illustration and animation there is nothing she enjoys more than the planning and implementing of our promotional, digital and social media strategies.

Her goals in life include – to never stop being curious, to be kind and to remember that a series of small repeated efforts can add up to something really worthwhile over time.

Maynard the Boxer

BGKLLENs insta-famous star employee, Maynard, is a therapy dog. He recently received his ‘Learners Jacket’ meaning soon he will have the opportunity to attend school workshops, expos and so much more. Once qualified he can’t wait to spread his affection, support and comfort throughout our community.