Information Session – Supporting Young People With Additional Needs

After being approached by Parkdale Secondary College for assistance with hosting an information session, for both parents and career practitioners supporting young people with additional needs, our Education Engagement Coordinator (Samantha) jumped at the chance to help and coordinate, what turned out to be a very worthwhile and informative session.
After spending some time engaging relevant local organisations and planning, this information session took place on October 31st and was hosted at Parkdale Secondary College and had around 40 attendees, which consisted of mainly parents and some school career teachers.

The information session consisted of presentations from:
Samantha Hewitson (BGKLLEN)
Linda Pandita (Brotherhood of St Laurence NDIS Team)
Sally Bailey (National Disability Coordination Officer)
Vivienne O’Shae (Holmesglen Moorabbin)
Peter Kent and Alan Walker (Endeavour Foundation)
Karen McGeary (SkillsPlus)

All presenters welcomed questions about their services and also were available to chat to attendees during breaks and after the session concluded.

As well as having the opportunity to hear from the  presenters, attendees also had the opportunity to browse a very full resource table and collect a range of information, which they could then take home and read through in more detail and follow up at their leisure.

Feedback from the session has been very positive with many attendees sending through ‘thank-you’ emails to Samantha after the session whilst also commenting on how relevant and useful the presentations and resources were.

If you would like to get in touch with any of the presenters from the night or have any questions about the session, please feel free to contact Samantha on (03)9584 8845 or at

See below for electronic versions of some of the resources and presentations from the session:
Various programs for young people with additional needs
Student Briefing Form for Employer -Ticket to Work
Various NDIS Links and Resources
Further education and Employment supports for students with additional needs
BGKLLEN PowerPoint
Hands Up! Student Volunteer Program – Student Flyer
NDCO PowerPoint
Joining the BGK TTW Network Information

We at the BGKLLEN would like to thank all our presenters for their contributions and Parkdale Secondary College for initiating and hosting the session.