At Risk Forum Presentations

It is always important, well in fact vital, when organising a forum of any kind to ensure that your topics are the most relevant for your audience to best inform them and, in turn, to achieve the outcomes the forum is intended for.

With this in mind Kathy and Sam, although having our own knowledge, consulted with our partners and the local community to be sure we were correctly aware of what some of the local issues affecting our vulnerable young people are. It was good to know that we at the BGKLLEN were on track!  Whilst there are a number of local issues the following four kept coming up – Family Violence, Gender Diversity, Anxiety. School Refusal

So, our forum planning took its first steps toward shaping the day. We had our subject matter – what we needed now were fabulous people with expert knowledge to present for us. Again, Sam and I consulted with our partners along with experts in each of the fields and received some recommendations. We met with our presenters, discussed the outcomes we needed from the forum, the approach we required and who our audience would be. The result was four individualised presentations delivered by four informative and engaging presenters.

See their full biographies HERE

All of the presentations were excellent and well received by our attendees and here are just a few of the many comments made:

Family Violence
• Deb knew her content and delivered it extremely well. Valuable info
• Loved the apps that were shared
• Fantastic, great stats. Great connection to real world examples

Gender Diversity
• A great presentation on how we can be more inclusive and where to find additional support services
• It was great! It was supportive of different knowledge levels within this cohort
• A real eye opener – did not realise all the layers involved plus really good resources

• Good practical techniques shared
• Good presentation and very informative – learnt a lot!
• Excellent – very relevant and informative

School Refusal
• Very good session, there were lots of good questions and discussion
• Practical tips and down to earth presentation
• Good approach to a difficult situation

Thank you to each of our presenters for making us all more enlightened and equipped to help our young people. We have below links to the presentations we are able to share along with some additional material:

Family Violence 

Resources and Supports Sheet 

Living in Fear Infographic Poster 

Know your A-Z – Prevent violence against women Poster

Gender Diversity

Trans and Gender Diverse People and Identity Documents

Trans Factsheet

GLHV Audit Tool

Trans 101 Gender Diversity Crash Course

Trans Best Practices for Frontline Staff

Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusive Practice

PASHtm Data Collection

New Gender Statement Certification Proforma


Understanding Childrens Anxiety