Vinnies CEO Sleep Out Experience

I’m home. This has a slightly different meaning to me this morning after spending the night sleeping on cardboard in a city car park. It means a lot more to me.

Vinnies CEO John told a story to us last night that really stuck with me. The Vinnies soup van set up as usual one cold winters night in Melbourne CBD and all the regulars stopped by. Later though, a new face approached and asked gently for soup and a sleeping bag. One of the volunteers commented that her outfit looked top end of Collins St. but like everyone else who sought comfort that night from the van, she had nowhere to go. They only saw her the once and I think the reason this stuck with me was that all Aussies know Vinnies and know the only barrier to support in what must be awful times, is your willingness to ask for it.

I know no more about being homelessness than yesterday. I ache and I long for my bed but that’s nowhere near what other people experience. I do know I don’t want to be in that situation and I realise now that I, and all I love, are closer than I thought.

Thank you Vinnies. Thank you donors. Thank you BGKLLEN. Thank you snuggle buddy Ben Vasiliou. It was a very worthwhile event and one that will stay with me.

Good morning.

Brendan O’Connell