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The Managing Stress and Anxiety workshops build self-awareness around stress and our personal responses to stress in order to build a toolkit of a range of strategies and resources to proactively manage stress in everyday life.

How to use this resource:

Save this website for continued access to the resources, or download the student resource pack and save the Youtube URLs. Work your way through each workshop in order from workshop one to three. Do your best to participate in all the activities and practice the strategies explored throughout the workshops. Take breaks when you feel the need and be in a quiet place when exploring each workshop.

Workshop 1 includes identifying what stress means to you and what triggers your stress. The differences between stress and anxiety and facts about stress are explored. This workshop discusses why we get stressed and identifies what happens to the brain when we become stressed. The workshop concludes with the implementation of practical strategies to reduce stress to begin building a toolkit of a range of stress management strategies and resources.

Workshop 2 includes the development of self-awareness, identifying signs when we become stressed. It discusses who gets stressed and why it is so common. There is further exploration of facts about stress and other contributing factors and triggers causing us to become stressed. This workshop builds on the development of self-awareness to help us become proactive in the management of our stress. Additional strategies are practiced and added to our personal managing stress and anxiety toolkit.

Workshop 3 includes the exploration of the importance of self-care and ways to do this each day. Mindfulness and gratitude are defined and how both can contribute to reducing stress is explored. Lastly, more strategies are identified and practiced which can be added to our personal toolkit.

Stress Strategies workshop consists solely of the strategies explored throughout each of the above workshops. This workshop enables students to practice each strategy one after the other in order to identify which works best for them in managing their own personal stress. It is important for young people to identify which strategies are most helpful to them as some of these strategies may work for others but not ourselves and vice versa.  Practicing each of these strategies at least three times is vital before a strategy is deemed helpful or unhelpful.

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