“Their approach showed us the true colours of younger workers”

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A colleague of mine told me about the program through a family member. It only took a brief conversation over coffee with Laura to write up a job description for the placement for us. We invited the first candidate over for a brief catch up to determine whether their interests aligned with ours.

Madison caught on very quickly, we spend about 2-3 days training her on simple tasks to slowly build her skillset,
and we found that she was more than capable to assist us on client projects. With our direction and support,
Maddison was able to integrate with our team seamlessly and accepted feedback gracefully to continuously learn and improve.

I am very surprised at how quickly the student caught on to our processes and workflow,
especially in the field of digital media. Giving them an opportunity to learn and to be a part of the team was humbling as
their approach to work and learn showed us the true colours of younger workers.

Maddison was able to contribute to the following videos during her placement with us.

– John, 77Productions https://www.77productions.com.au/

A big thank you to John and the team at 77Productions for being involved with SWL and supporting our local students!For more information about the Structured Workplace Learning Program please contact Laura on 0421 032 370 or email at swl@bgkllen.org.au