Not for Profit Business of the Year – Bayside Business Awards 2019

Last night was very special for us. As many of you would know, we’re a very small organisation that usually sits in the background as the partnership brokers. To be put into the limelight and recognised as the Not for Profit of the Year is an incredible honour for us.

We were standing alongside two other amazing for-purpose organisations who would have been very worthy winners and would like to acknowledge them and the critical role they play in our local area and beyond.

It is our belief that good things happen when communities invest in their young people and this award recognises that investment. To our 33 education providers and their students, the hundreds of local businesses, our partner organisations and our incredible volunteer board, we say thank you. Our achievement is about bringing you all together for a common cause and we are lucky that it is so enjoyable to do so.

We’d also like to thank the Bayside City Council, the Bayside Business Network (especially Anthony and Deanna), the judges and our local Rotary groups for bringing this event to our region. It was a wonderful night!

Lastly, we would not be organisation we are without the incredibly dedicated and tenacious staff at BGKLLEN – Kathy, Laura, Cazzie and Katie – thank you. You are winners every day, but this award is truly your recognition for a mountain of impactful work.

To all the other finalists and award winners we simply ask one question; Can you remember the person that first gave you a chance to shine? If so, have a think about whether you are now in the position to offer the same to a local young person and if the answer is yes (or even maybe), please give us a call and let’s see what we can work out together.