Need supports for young people? Check this map out

BGKLLEN Service Map 2018Sometimes when working with our young people it isn’t always easy to have the information to know where we can refer them when they need just that little bit of extra support.
We are very lucky in the Bayside, Glen Eira and Kingston region to have a wide number of supports available for young people. However, it isn’t always easy to know or find out what they are so the BGKLLEN decided to put them all together on a Service Map.
This is a fantastic ‘one stop’ resource which provides information and, more importantly, contact details for services which include Education Supports, Training and Career Advice Opportunities, Health and Wellbeing Supports and Job Supports.
The BGKLLEN has produced this Service Map in 2016 and 2017 it has always been one of the most popular resources to be downloaded.
The 2018 Service Map is now available for download under the resource section of this website. If you are a professional working with young people, this is a ‘must have’ document!