Purposeful @ BGKLLEN AGM – Creating Meaningful, Purpose-Driven Workplaces for Our Young Leaders

Purposeful - An ethical consultancyI first came across Purposeful a few months ago when Laura, a star member of our team noticed an awesome event that Purposeful ran on how to attract, engage and retain millennials and youth for workplaces.

Purposeful are an ethical consultancy and B Corp, working primarily with not for profits, community-based organisations and government departments. They are focused on helping these organisations to better understand what millennials and youth want from work.

Managing Director, Mike Davis founded Purposeful a few years ago, after working as a Senior Advisor in the Victorian Public Service, realising that something was awry at most workplaces.

The bulk of millennials and young people (71%) are disengaged at work and leaving en masse to try their hand at startups, social enterprises or other pursuits. This trend was evident across top tier companies, the service industry, the public service and to a lesser extent in the community sector.

Since realising this, Mike and his team have spent time talking to millennials and youth, understanding the problem and crafting a framework approach to addressing it. He found that workplaces that did not cultivate a meaningful culture and sense of purpose, as well as creating a clearly defined social impact were not able to retain, engage and motivate ambitious young people.

Purposeful now seeks to work with organisations to build purpose and social impact into their strategy, activities, operations and culture. For organisations with a social purpose, Purposeful helps them to communicate this effectively to key stakeholders including staff in a clear and compelling way that gets results.

Purposeful’s podcast Humans of Purpose, showcases conversations with young purpose-driven leaders who are creating positive social change in our community.

Purposeful will be presenting to the BGKLLEN AGM on 19th of April 2018 on their research into millennial attitudes and what this tells us about what we need to do to ‘change today for tomorrow’s leaders’.  Contact us to reserve your place at the presentation here.

Connect with Purposeful via their website or email them at hello@purposeful.com.au.