Anti-Anxiety Cards – 5,500 distributed!

BGKLLEN received feedback from local teachers who were sending students out on SWL that anxiety was very prominent in young people and was having a negative effect on these type of important situations in their lives.

BGKLLEN partnered with headspace Elsternwick and developed the “Anti-Anxiety Card”. It has mindfulness techniques that reduce the effects of anxiety for young people to use when facing new challenging tasks. The demand for these cards has far exceeded our expectations with over 5.5k Anti-Anxiety Cards being distributed to schools, youth services and case managers, and has even spread across the state with 3 LLENs replicating the project in their local area. Some schools are now giving them out with the students’ exam details written on the back!

“Is there any way the Navigator case managers could access more anti-anxiety cards? In our team meeting yesterday, there was a lot of positive feedback about how beneficial these cards are.  One young person reported to her case manager that she was able to use this card at school to manager her anxiety. As a result, she was able to stay for the entire day. So, thank you for sharing your resources.” – Caroline Hanna from Mission Australia

If you would like copies of the Anti-Anxiety cards, please contact us through the contact page on the website.